Fred Blum

Fred Blum





Fred is immediate Past President of JGASGP, a position he held for 12 years.

Fred started his attorney service company, B&R Services for Professionals in 1971.  In 1988 he obtained his Private Detective license.

In 1998 he became interested in his family history. He studied genealogy and was able to locate his ancestors dating back to 1810. To date he has identified over 1200 family members.

With the knowledge Fred acquired, in 2005 he decided to volunteer for the International Red Cross (IRC) Holocaust Tracing Service, to try to assist the IRC reconnect Jewish, Polish and Ukrainian Holocaust survivors. In 2006 he was awarded the local and national “Volunteer of the Year” Award from the IRC.

In 2011, Fred also started to volunteer for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Fred is helping the museum locate European children that were orphaned during the period 1933-1945.


Topic: Introduction to Genealogy Research

 Fred will teach us some techniques he uses to locate individuals through genealogy. This information will enable researchers to locate family, uncover distant relatives, and assist in searching for heirs.