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Attached is the Family Finder information received by our membership.

This is a Pilot Project:  For consistency, we researched the names of the towns and countries using JEWISHGEN.org. Using the TOWNFINDER (Jewish Communities Database) and/or the JEWISHGEN GAZETTEER, we were able to make many changes to keep everyone “on the same page”.  When towns couldn’t be found on JewishGen they were Googled. Some were located. Others were not. 

When you look at the JGASGP FF Project list, you may not recognize “Your” towns.  Please note the new location to aid in your personal research.

The town/s that were not located have (?) next to it.  It doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t exist, but the spelling (phonetically, sounds like, fuzzy match, etc.) wasn’t recognized in any search. 

Let me know if you’d like to make a connection with another member. I will share the emails of the potential matches.  I foresee updating this list yearly when members rejoin. 

Members will be asked to fill out the membership form and use the modern town and country of their ancestors as a requirement. Please feel free to volunteer if you are interested in this project as coordinator or have any suggestions by emailing Marilyn at membership@jgasgp.org.  All are welcome. Please put Family Finder in the subject line.

Thanks to everyone who submitted their information and to Barbara Lewis for her research help!

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