Member Benefits



  1. Members receive Chronicles an electronic version of our journal, quarterly. Members are encouraged to submit articles about their research, personal journeys, etc.
  2. Members receive a monthly Newsletter and additional e-mail updates. The newsletter contains our future Zoom meeting dates, conferences, webinars from other organizations, and an update from our President.
  3. Meetings for members only are currently being held every 3 weeks through Zoom and in person whenever possible.
  4. Members only can view the 2022 Greater Philadelphia Jewish Genealogical Resource Guide.
  5. Becoming a member is easy! You can pay through PayPal on our website or download the interactive membership form and mail it with a check to our mailbox. We ask for your research information and post it in Chronicles. You may find a relative within our group! We encourage everyone to sign up with JewishGen family finder on
  6. Our Facebook group is currently at 1340+ members. Members provide research help, tips and information about Philadelphia history. Upcoming meetings are posted as well as genealogy related events on the internet. Facebook members are invited to join our JGASGP society. We are very friendly!

Disclaimer: The purpose of our group is to help foster research, education, collect family records and family connections. No political comments or advertising for services or merchandise are permitted.