Cemetery Data

This webpage contains links to Philadelphia area Jewish cemeteries websites, burial information for several cemeteries, and Landmanshaftn Cemetery data collected by funeral director Goldsteins’ Rosenberg’s Raphael-Sacks.

     JGASGP has officially adopted Har Jehuda Cemetery.

We have a group of 29 volunteers working to digitize the burial records. The records will be part of JewishGen.org (JOWBR) and on our webpage under cemetery data.

Our volunteers have learned to analyze section names, Landsmanshaftn, and undertakers, for example. More information of a personal nature has been listed as “More info on file” to maintain privacy.  If an obituary is attached to the burial card, we have stated “Obit on file”.  Some cards had interesting notations, names crossed out, and unusual unexplainable comments.  We appreciate the continuous efforts of Kathy Phillips and Larry Moskowitz at Har Jehuda, for answering all our questions.  

We have learned more about burials than we could have ever imagined!  We know that names could be misspelled and don’t always match the headstone.  We learned that not every burial had a card in the file, or a headstone, and that cremations were more common than we thought.  Early burials are recorded in books found on Ancestry.com, for example, and may not have been in the card file either.  It’s a work in progress.

We believe in the mitzvah to never forget the name of the deceased.  These records will not only record names, but aid in genealogical research. Records will be added in chunks. Currently, 20% of the 24,000-burials have been digitized.

Thank you to our coordinators who have streamlined the process for data collection and our wonderful group of volunteers!   This wouldn’t be happening without you!



  1. Karen Albert is responsible for sending out the assignments and coordinating a group of volunteers.
  2. Marilyn Golden is responsible for coordinating a group of volunteers.
  3. Alan Kaminsky is overseeing the data collection and is responsible for coordinating a group of volunteers.
  4. Helene Rosenfeldt is responsible for scanning and coordinating a group of volunteers.



Albert, Jeffrey Franklin, Alene Silverman, Donna
Albert, Karen Golden, *Marilyn Spector, Walter
Avery, Elisa Kaminsky, *Alan Sporkin, Andi
Berland, Juliana Kitchenoff, Robert Spritz, John
Bonn, Chana Pekter, Joanne Steinberg, Lisa
Charlton, Cindy Rosenberg, Murray Taylor, Craig
Coren, Andy Rosenfeldt, *Helene Weinberger, Fran Solow
Csigi, Sybil Sandoval, Lori Weiss, Alicia
Dirckx, Rena Sands, Roberta
First, Al Seeherman, Elisa

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